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Number Theory Seminar

This seminar is held on Tuesdays at 10am in 119 Fenton Hall unless otherwise stated.

Spring Quarter, 2017

  • April 4, Nuno Freitas (University of British Columbia)
    Fermat type equations and symplectic isomorphisms of the p-torsion of elliptic curves

  • April 12, Cathy Hsu (UO)
    Higher Eisenstein Congruences

  • April 18, Roger Heath-Brown (Oxford University)
    Vinogradov’s Mean Value Problem and the Riemann Zeta-function

  • April 25, Mckenzie West (Reed College)
    The Geometry of a Family of K3 Surfaces
  • May 9, Zhiwei Yun (Yale)
  • May 25, Paul Pollack (University of Georgia)
  • June 6, Kevin Mcgown (California State University, Chico)

Winter Quarter, 2017

  • January 18, Rahul Krishna (Northwestern University)
    A New Approach to Waldspurger’s Formula

  • February 1, Sean Howe (University of Chicago)
    Overconvergent modular forms and the p-adic Jacquet-Langlands correspondence

Fall Quarter, 2016

  • October 18, Naomi Tanabe (Dartmouth College)
    Special Time/Location: Tuesday, 2pm in 206 Deady Hall
    Identifying a Hilbert modular form by the central L-values of
    its twists

  • October 26, Jeff Vaaler (University of Texas, Austin)
    The p-adic Selberg Integral
  • November 8, Elena Mantovan (Caltech)
    Special Time/Location: Tuesday, 2pm in 206 Deady Hall
    Towards a geometric realization of p-adic automorphic forms on unitary Shimura varieties at non-split unramified primes

  • November 9, Amos Turchet (University of Washington)
    Uniformity results in Diophantine Geometry

  • November 16, Vivek Pal (University of Oregon)
    Euler Systems

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