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    of Oregon

Welcome to the Mathematics Department!

Our research specialties are in algebra, analysis, geometry, probability and topology.

The American Mathematical Society has ranked us in the top group of U.S. research departments in Mathematics.

Six members of the department were named Fellows of the American Mathematical Society in 2013.

Three members of the department will be speaking in the Lie Theory Section of the 2014 International Congress of Mathematics.

Professor Marie A. Vitulli was named the 2014 AWM-MAA Falconer Lecturer. Congratulations Marie!

We also take great pride in the quality of our outstanding undergraduate teaching as well as our thriving graduate program.

There are about thirty-five research faculty members and almost seventy graduate students in the department.

The EUGENE MATH CIRCLE will be meeting again for their 2nd year in the Department, starting in Fall 2014. It is aimed at elementary, middle and high school students who enjoy math and want to be stretched by challenging problems.

The Mathematics Department is hiring in both tenure track positions and in postdoctoral appointments. For detailed descriptions see the university's HR page and look for positions 13258AB, 13418AC and 13417AB. Applications should be submitted via

This year's Niven Lectures will be held on January 27th and 28th, 2015. Our guest speaker is Pavel Etingof from MIT.