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Shabnam Akhtari: number theory, Diophantine equations.

Arkady Berenstein: quantum groups, representation theory, algebraic combinatorics.

Boris Botvinnik: differential topology, positive scalar curvature, Morse theory.

Marcin Bownik: harmonic analysis, wavelets, approximation theory.

Jon Brundan: algebraic groups, combinatorial representation theory, Lie superalgebras.

Dan Dugger: motivic homotopy theory, K-theory, homological algebra.

Peter Gilkey: higher-signature differential geometry, heat trace analysis.

Weiyong He: differential geometry and partial differential equations.

Jim Isenberg: mathematical general relativity, Ricci flow, nonlinear PDEs.

Alexander Kleshchev: representation theory, Lie theory, group theory.

David Levin: Markov chains and random walks, multiparameter processes, potential theory.

Shlomo Libeskind: mathematics education.

Huaxin Lin: Functional analysis, C*-algebras, dynamical systems.

Peng Lu: geometric analysis, Ricci flow, complex geoemtry.

Victor Ostrik: geometric Lie theory, tensor categories, Hopf algebras.

N. Christopher Phillips: C*-algebras, functional analysis, noncommutative geometry.

Alexander Polischuk: algebraic geometry, noncommutative tori, mathematics related to string theory.

Nicholas Proudfoot: symplectic algebraic geometry, matroid theory, quivers.

Hal Sadofsky: stable homotopy theory, homological algebra, complex cobordism.

Brad Shelton: non-commutative algebraic geometry, ring theory, homological algebra.

Chris Sinclair: random matrix theory, heights of polynomials.

Dev Sinha: rational homotopy theory, knot theory, operads.

Bartlomiej Siudeja: probability, differential equations.

Arkady Vaintrob: algebraic geometry, knot theory, mathematical physics, Lie theory.

Marie Vitulli: commutative algebra, closure operations, valuation theory, algebraic geometry.

Vadim Vologodsky: algebraic geometry, homological algebra.

Hao Wang: superprocesses, mathematical finance, stochastic PDEs.

Micah Warren: geometric analysis, nonlinear elliptic PDEs.

Yuan Xu: numerical analysis, orthogonal polynomials, approximation theory, harmonic analysis.

Ben Young: algebraic and enumerative combinatorics, perfect matchings.

Sergey Yuzvinsky: algebraic combinatorics, hyperplane arrangements, algebraic geometry and topology.