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Undergraduate Courses 2021/2022

The class schedule is subject to change at any time. Such changes are not always reflected immediately on this page. Please check for the accurate, live schedule for the term.
All courses are described in the University of Oregon Catalog.



Course FALL 2021 WINTER 2022 SPRING 2022
199 Math and the Creative Process E. Eischen
201 Algebra Math Lab N. Nemirovskaya
202 Geometry Math Lab N. Addington N. Nemirovskaya
203 Analysis/Number Theory Math Lab N. Nemirovskaya
204 Probability/Stats Math Lab N. Nemirovskaya
205 Foundations Math Lab N. Addington
206 Combinatorics Math Lab A. Vaintrob A. Vaintrob
307 Introduction to Proofs A. Polishchuk G. Nasr
W. He
A. Kleshchev
C. Sinclair
316 Fundamentals of Analysis I TBD
Y. Xu
D. Steinberg
H. Harker
C. Sinclair
317 Fundamentals of Analysis II Y. Xu H. Harker
320 Theory of Differential Equations Y. Shen
341 Elementary Linear Algebra I B. Botvinnik
M. Nemirovskaya
J. Thorenson
E. Merchant
J. Thorenson
342 Elementary Linear Algebra II TBD
A. Polishchuk
B. Botvinnik
J. Thorenson
B. Elias
343 Statistical Models/Methods E. Merchant A. Polishchuk
345 Probability/Statistics for Data Science B. Young E. Merchant
347 Fundamentals of Number Theory I B. Young
348 Fundamentals of Number Theory II B. Young
351 Elementary Numerical Analysis I Y. Xu E. Merchant
352 Elementary Numerical Analysis II Y. Xu E. Merchant
391 Fundamentals of Abstract Algebra I A. Vaintrob
392 Fundamentals of Abstract Algebra II A. Vaintrob
394 Geometries from an Adv Viewpoint I D. Steinberg
395 Geometries from an Adv Viewpoint II   D. Steinberg
397 History Applications of Calculus H. Harker
410 Machine Learning Statistics L. Mazzucato
411 Functions Complex Variable I M. Warren
412 Functions Complex Variable II M. Warren
413 Intro to Analysis I M. Bownik
414 Intro to Analysis II M. Bownik  
415 Intro to Analysis III   L. Fredrickson
421M PDE: Fourier Analysis I B. Erickson
422M PDE: Fourier Analysis II B. Erickson
431 Intro to Topology I R. Lipshitz
432 Intro to Topology II   Y. Shen  
410 Intro to Topology III     Y. Shen
441 Linear Algebra A. Vaintrob
444 Intro to Abstract Algebra I J. Brundan
445 Intro to Abstract Algebra II   B. Elias  
446 Intro to Abstract Algebra III     J. Brundan
456 Networks and Combinatorics   P. Hersh
458 Introduction to Cryptography   V. Ostrik
461 Intro Methods of Statistics I M. Bownik D. Levin
462 Intro Methods of Statistics II C. Sinclair D. Levin
463 Methods of Reg Analysis/Varience Analysis D. Levin