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Opportunities for Students

The Math Department offers many opportunities for extracurricular learning, socialization, and employment. This page gives short descriptions and links.

1. Employment Opportunities

Paper Markers work with instructors to evaluate student homework and mark the number of correct answers. Math Library Workers provide mathematics homework assistance and general library support in the Math and Science Libraries, working closely under the direction of the Math Librarian. Class Encore Learning Assistants assist instructors in class and host tutorial sessions for students. See our Undergraduate Employment page for more information on all of these.

2. Directed Reading Program (DRP)

Would you like to learn a piece of advanced mathematics under the individual mentorship of one of our awesome graduate students? The DRP is just the thing! Check out their website.

3. Undergraduate Math Club

The Undergraduate Math Club offers many chances to socialize with other math students and faculty throughout the school year. They usually meet every other week for game nights, movie nights, discussions with faculty, or just hanging out. Check out their webpage for the schedule of latest activities.

4. Write an Honors Thesis

Spend two or three quarters working on a mathematics project under the one-on-one mentorship of a faculty member, write a paper about it, and give a presentation on what you did. Look into the Department of Mathematics Honors Program!

5. Math Circle

The Eugene Math Circle offers classes for grades 2-12, hosted by the UO Math Department. There are five different sessions (sorted by grade level) that meet once a week during the school year. See their website for more information. If you are interested in being a teacher, volunteering here can give you valuable experience and training. Contact Maria Nemirovskaya.

6. Distinguished Lectures

The department offers a number of special lectures each quarter aimed especially at undergraduates, usually given by distinguished guests. Schedules can be found at the websites for the Oregon Distinguished Mathematics Lectures for Students and UO AWM Speaker Series.

7. Putnam Exam

The William Lowell Putnam Mathematics Competition is a nationwide math competition for university-level students that takes place the first Saturday in December. It has been held annually since 1938. Plenty of students like mathematics without liking math competitions (this probably describes most faculty in the department as well), but for those who do like competitions this is a great opportunity. Each fall the department offers a 1-credit course (MATH 407) on mathematical problem solving that is designed to help prepare students for the kinds of problems encountered on the Putnam Exam.

8. Reading courses

If there is a topic in mathematics which you would like to learn about, but we do not offer a regular course on it, you can always take a “Reading Course” with a faculty member. These are independent study courses (under the tutelage of a professor), and they still earn UO credit. You can take reading courses for 1-4 credits, with each credit corresponding to about 3 hours of work per week (the course would show up as MATH 405 on a transcript). If you don’t know an appropriate faculty member for your particular topic, you can always ask for a recommendation from one of our math advisors. Faculty members do get busy and so are not always available to provide reading courses, but in most cases they are happy to do this.