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Undergraduate Program

Welcome to the Mathematics Undergraduate Program Home Page!

Fenton Hall covered in snow

From this page and the links on the right, you can find out more about our department and the mathematics major.

For further information, you can go to the Mathematics Department Office (202 Fenton) where someone will either be able to answer your question, or refer you to someone who can.

The Department: The Mathematics Department is located in Fenton Hall (picture right) and Deady Hall (picture below). The majority of mathematics classes are taught in Deady Hall, in small classes of 35-40 students. The American Mathematical Society has ranked us as one of the top group of U.S. research departments in mathematics. There are around 30 faculty members in the department.

Obtaining Advice: Most students get information about the department from fellow students, professors, peer advisors and their academic advisors. The information on this web page is intended to supplement these sources, not to replace them. In particular, a student should take full advantage of opportunities for contact with his or her advisor. The Mathematics Department has an undergraduate affairs committee whose duties include advising all undergraduate majors. Students are assigned advisors either during introDUCKtion, or at the fall meeting for new majors held during registration week, or at a later time by appointment either with the head undergraduate advisor, Hayden Harker, or with another mathematics advisor.

deadysummerHilbert Space: The department has a center for undergraduate mathematics majors in Deady 107-108. The center contains couches, tables, chairs, computers, and blackboards (of course!). There is also information on employment opportunities, graduate school and other topics. This also functions as the peer advising center, and students can go there to get information from other students about the major, classes, and instructors. It can be a good place to sit down and study for an hour between classes in Deady Hall, and a good place to meet students with whom you share classes and discuss lectures and assignments.

The beautiful stained glass windows in Hilbert Space were created by David Jordan, a former undergraduate student.

Mathematics Library: The university’s main collection of math books and journals is in the math library located on the first floor Fenton Hall. Most of the books and journals are in the stacks behind the reading room, and there is some (quiet) space to work in the stacks. Browsing through the stacks is a good way to get some idea of the breadth of mathematics beyond what is covered in your course work.