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Number Theory Seminar 2018-2019

This seminar is held on Tuesdays at 1pm in 119 Fenton Hall unless otherwise stated.

Spring Quarter, 2019

  • April 16, Catherine Hsu (University of Bristol)
    The Eisenstein ideal and R=T Theorems

  • April 23, Elena Mantovan (Cal Tech)
    Shimura varieties and the Torelli locus

  • May 21, William Chen (McGill University)
    Noncongruence modular forms and nonabelian level structures for elliptic curves

  • May 28, Derek Garton (Portland State University)
    Statistics of a-numbers of hyperelliptic curves over finite fields

  • June 4, Joe Webster (UO)
    log-Coulomb gas in a nonarchimedean local field

Winter Quarter, 2019

  • January 15, Maria Fox (Boston College)
    The GL(4) Rapoport-Zink Space

  • February 5, Marty Weissman (UCSC)
    The arithmetic of arithmetic Coxeter groups

  • February 19, Holly Swisher (Oregon State)
    Quantum modular forms and singular combinatorial series

  • March 5, Frank Thorne (University of South Carolina)
    Levels of distribution for prehomogeneous vector spaces

  • March 5, Michael Harris (Columbia University)
    Note: Speaking in ALGEBRA SEMINAR (4 pm, 210 Deady)
    See Algebra Seminar page for details.
  • March 12, Angus McAndrew (Boston University)
    Differential operators on automorphic forms and Galois representations

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