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University of Oregon Topology-Geometry Seminar, Fall 1999

Date Speaker Title
September 28, 1999 No seminar.
Cascade Topology Seminar: October 2 and 3. Vancouver, British Columbia
October 5, 1999 Hal Sadofsky Enough injectives in the category of towers of comodules
October 12, 1999 Guillermo Moreno visiting from Centro de Investigación Cayley-Dickson algebras and their zero-divisors
October 19, 1999 Guillermo Moreno visiting from Centro de Investigación Cayley-Dickson algebras II: Applications
October 26, 1999 Guillermo Moreno visiting from Centro de Investigación The topology of the zero set of the Hopf map
Note special day and time!
November 4, 1999, 4pm Graham Denham Local systems on the complement of a hyperplane arrangement
November 9, 1999 Peter Gilkey Geometric properties of the curvature operator
Pacific Northwest Geometry Seminar: November 13 and 14. Oregon State University
November 16, 1999 Guihua Gong visiting from University of Puerto Rico Elliptic Boundary Conditions and relative K-cycles
November 23, 1999 No seminar.
November 30, 1999 Jim Isenberg Critical dimension and critical behavior of wave maps


University of Oregon Topology-Geometry Seminar, Winter 2000

Date Speaker Title
January 4, 2000 No seminar.
January 11, 2000
January 18, 2000 Michiel van den Berg, University of Bristol Heat flow, area and capacity for regions with many small holes
January 25, 2000 Hal Sadofsky Comparisons of spectral sequences
February 1, 2000 Inga Johnson Factorizations of Projective Spaces
February 8, 2000 Hal Sadofsky Coefficients in p-typical formal group laws
February 15, 2000 Tan Zhang
February 22, 2000 Kim Elce
February 29, 2000 Boris Botvinnik Yamabe invariant and Massey product
March 7, 2000 Kazuo Akutagawa Shizuoka University Yamabe invariants and generalized symplectic structures


University of Oregon Topology-Geometry Seminar, Spring 2000

Date Speaker Title
March 28, 2000 No seminar.
April 4, 2000 Isabel Dotti Universidad de Córdoba, Argentina Hypercomplex nilmanifolds
April 11, 2000 Hal Sadofsky Adams Towers and Phantom Maps
April 18, 2000 Klaus Kirsten University of Manchester Boundary contributions to the heat-equation asymptotics by special case Calculations
April 25, 2000
May 2, 2000
May 9, 2000 Kathryn Lesh University of Toledo
May 11, 2000 Bill Bogley Oregon State University Homological decision problems for groups with solvable word problem
May 16, 2000 Christine Escher Oregon State University Orbits of SU(2) – representations and Minimal Isometric Immersions
May 23, 2000 Jonathan Rosenberg University of Maryland Secrets of the signature operator
May 25, 2000 Reni Ivanova Tsukuba University, Japan On some problems in information geometry from a Riemannian point of view
May 30, 2000 Greg Landweber Microsoft Research Dirac operators on homogeneous loop spaces