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University of Oregon Topology-Geometry Seminar, Winter 1999

Date Speaker Title
January 12, 1999 Matt Douglass (visiting from U. North Texas) The cohomology of the complement of a hypersurface (Algebraic Geometry meets Godzilla)
January 19, 1999 Juha Pohjanpelto Oregon State University New results on the symmetries and conservation laws of Maxwell’s equations
January 26, 1999 Hal Sadofsky The Hopf invariant and the root invariant
February 2, 1999 Michiel van den Berg University of Bristol Asymptotics for the spectrum of the Dirichlet Laplacian on horn-shaped regions and Zeta functions on cross sections
February 9, 1999 Sergey Yuzvinsky Cohomology of local systems on certain complex manifolds
February 16, 1999 Sergey Yuzvinsky Cohomology of local systems on certain complex manifolds II
February 23, 1999 Thomas Schick University of Münster and Penn State Positive scalar curvature, index theory, and the minimal surfaces: (a counterexample to the Gromov-Lawson-Rosenberg conjecture)
March 2, 1999
March 9, 1999 Jeff Boersema Real C* algebras, united K-theory, and the Künneth formula

University of Oregon Topology-Geometry Seminar, Spring 1999

Date Speaker Title
April 6, 1999 Boris Botvinnik The Yamabe Invariant and Surgery
April 13, 1999 Lorenz Schwachhöfer Universität Leipzig Homogeneous manifolds with symplectic holonomies
April 20, 1999 Peter Gilkey
April 27, 1999 Tan Zhang I.P. algebraic curvature tensors in the Lorentzian setting
May 4, 1999 Christine Escher Oregon State University Classifying families of 7-manifolds
May 11, 1999 Bill Bogley Oregon State University Low dimensional homology of Peiffer products of groups (joint work with N. D. Gilbert)
May 18, 1999 Hal Sadofsky The Chromatic Splitting Conjecture
May 25, 1999 Professor Daniel Kastler, Luminy Alain Connes’ notion of quantum manifolds as extracted from a conceptual description of the standard model of elementary particle (Lagrangian Level)
June 1, 1999 Boris Botvinnik Classification of some 7-dimensional manifolds

University of Oregon Topology-Geometry Seminar, Fall 1998

Date Speaker Title
October 6, 1998 Inga Johnson James Periodicity
October 13, 1998 Boris Botvinnik TBA
October 20, 1998 Hal Sadofsky Localization in homotopy theory
October 27, 1998 No seminar.
November 3, 1998 Chris Phillips M_n bundles and C* algebras not isomorphic to their opposites
Cascade Topology Seminar: November 7 and 8. Boise, Idaho
November 10, 1998 Boris Botvinnik Several faces of the real K-theory
November 17, 1998 Boris Botvinnik Several faces of real K-theory, II
Pacific Northwest Geometry Seminar: November 21 and 22. 110 Willamette Hall
November 24, 1998 Masafumi Okumura, Saitama University Scalar curvature of certain CR submanifolds of complex projective space
December 1, 1998 Hal Sadofsky Why we care about inverse limits