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University of Oregon Topology-Geometry Seminar, Spring 1998

Date Speaker Title
April 7, 1998 Hal Sadofsky Duality in local stable homotopy theory
April 14, 1998 Hal Sadofsky The Brown Comenetz dual of the K(n)-local sphere.
April 21, 1998 Naz Merchant Representability of Cohomology Theories
April 28, 1998 Tan Zhang Maps from the Grassmanian of 2 planes to k x k skew symmetric matrices
May 5, 1998 Mike Dyer The Browning invariant and homotopy type of 2-complexes
May 12, 1998 Paul Shick (John Carroll University) Recent advances toward understanding finite complexes
Cascade Topology Seminar: May 16 and 17. 110 Willamette Hall
Ralph Cohen Stanford Universty
Ana Cannas UC Berkeley
Stephan Stolz Notre Dame University
Mark Hovey Wesleyan University
Nigel Ray University of Oregon, Manchester University
May 19, 1998 Mark Hovey (Wesleyan University) Phantom maps and Landweber exact spectra
May 26, 1998 Hal Sadofsky Koszul Resolutions
June 2, 1998 Irina H. Petrova The curvature operator in Riemannian Geometry
June 2, 1998 (3:00, Deady 206) Dev Sinha Stable Manifolds

University of Oregon Topology-Geometry Seminar, Fall 1997

Date Speaker Title
September 30, 1997 Jens Harlander (Johann von Goethe Universitat, Frankfurt): Morse theoretic ideas in group theory
October 7, 1997 Chris Brazfield Serre’s finiteness theorem.
October 10, 1997 Special time and day: Friday 4pm, 210 Deady Steve Wilson (Johns Hopkins University): BP-cohomology from Morava K-theory
October 14, 1997 no talk
October 18-19, 1997 PACIFIC NORTHWEST GEOMETRY SEMINAR, (Portland State University): see below
October 21, 1997 Peter Gilkey Higher order Osserman manifolds – a report on some work of Petrova, Stanilov, and Videv
October 28, 1997 Hal Sadofsky Patterns in the stable homotopy groups of spheres
November 4, 1997 Christine Escher (Oregon State University) Rigidity of minimal isometric immersions
November 11, 1997 Uwe Semmelmann (Max Planck Institute): The Dirac operator on quaternionic Kaehler manifolds
November 18, 1997 Mike Dyer Pictures and the second homotopy group of a 2-complex
November 25, 1997 Mike Dyer Knots, Links, and the second homotopy group of a 2-complex
December 2, 1997 Boris Botvinnik

University of Oregon Topology-Geometry Seminar, Winter 1997

Date Speaker Title
January 13, 1998 Nigel Ray (visiting from University of Manchester): Bounded Flag Manifolds
January 20, 1998 Hal Sadofsky Linear maps from Grassmanians and sectional curvature
January 27, 1998 Bill Bogley (Oregon State University): Universal Path Spaces
February 3, 1998 John Leahy Weakly Normal Singularities
February. 10, 1998 Peter Gilkey The geometry of the Jacobi
February 17, 1998 Nigel Ray (visiting from University of Manchester): Introduction to Toric manifolds, I
February 24, 1998 Nigel Ray (visiting from University of Manchester): Introduction to Toric manfolds II
March 3, 1998 Nigel Ray (visiting from University of Manchester): Introduction to Toric manifolds III
March 10, 1998 Douglas Ravenel (University of Rochester): TBA




  • 11:30-12:30 Alexandre Kirillov (University of Pennsylvania) Merits and demerits of the orbit method
  • 2:30-3:30 Vladimir S. Retakh (Harvard and University of Arkansas) Non-commutative determinants and non-commutative geometry
  • 4:00-5:00 Arthur Fischer (UC Santa Cruz) The Hamiltonian reduction of Einstein’s equations to the cotangent bundle of Teichmueller space


  • 9:30-10:30 Peter Olver (University of Minnesota) Moving frames
  • 11:00-12:00 Michel Lapidus (UC Riverside) Fractal Geometry and Spectral Geometry




    University of British Columbia (Vancouver).Housing: A block of rooms is reserved at the UBC Conference Centre: (604) 822-1010. Tell the reservation clerk that they are reserved under the name David Austin.

    Graduate students are especially encouraged to attend. We have applied for grant support to pay for student accomodation at the Conference Centre.


  • Steve Humphreys, Brigham Young University
  • Jack Morava, Johns Hopkins University
  • Nick Pippenger, University of BC
  • Brian Steer, Oxford University
  • Nancy Waller, Portland State University