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University of Oregon Topology-Geometry Seminar, Winter 2001

Date Speaker Title
January 16, 2001 Dan Knopf University of Wisconsin New Harnack inequalities for the Ricci flow via the spacetime approach.
January 23, 2001 No seminar this week. Discussion of next year’s graduate course offerings at seminar time.
January 30, 2001 Peter Gilkey Manifolds and algebraic curvature tensors whose Jacobi operator has constant Jordan normal form
February 6, 2001 Kim Elce Connected bicommutative Hopf algebras and Dieudonné modules
February 13, 2001 Travis Kelm Asphericity Tests, Equations over Groups, and Car Crashes
February 20, 2001 Arkady Vaintrob Knot Homology
February 27, 2001 Gregor Masbaum Institut de Mathematiques de Jussieu Matrix-Tree Theorems and the Alexander-Conway Polynomial
Note TWO seminars on March 6
March 6, 2001 Dmitri Vassilevich Universität Leipzig Transmittal boundary conditions
March 6, 2001, 1pm Joanna Kania-Bartoszynska Boise State University The Yang-Mills measure in the Kauffman bracket skein module
March 13, 2001 Lew Ward Topological Recreations: Long Lines and Related Exotica
March 20, 2001 Raina Ivanova University of Tsukuba The Geometry of the Jacobi Operator

University of Oregon Topology-Geometry Seminar, Spring 2001

Date Speaker Title
April 5, 2001 Thomas SchickUniversity of Münster Atiyah’s L2-Betti numbers: properties and applications
April 10, 2001 No seminar.
April 17, 2001 Hal Sadofsky Inverse limits of comodules over the dual Steenrod Algebra
April 19, 2001, 1pm Harish Seshadri SUNY Stony Brook Einstein 4-manifolds with circle actions
April 24, 2001 Eugene Lerman MSRI (University of Illinois) The topological structure of contact and symplectic quotients
Pacific Northwest Geometry Seminar: April 28-29
May 1, 2001 Michiel van den Berg University of Bristol Spectrum of the Dirichlet Laplace operator on some unbounded domains
May 8, 2001 Christine Escher Oregon State University Classifying families of seven manifolds
May 15, 2001 Mike Dyer
Cascade Topology Seminar: May 19-20, Boise
May 22, 2001 Inga Johnson
May 29, 2001
June 5, 2001

University of Oregon Topology-Geometry Seminar, Fall 2000
Date Speaker Title
September 26, 2000 No seminar.
October 3, 2000 Hal Sadofsky Divisible families in homotopy groups and the Chromatic Splitting Conjecture.
October 10, 2000 John Corvino Brown University Some Analytic Aspects of Scalar Curvature Deformation and Gluing
October 17, 2000 Jackie Jensen
October 24, 2000 Boris Botvinnik Conformal Classes and Moduli spaces
Pacific Northwest Geometry Seminar: October 28-29
November 7, 2000 Boris Botvinnik The relative Yamabe invariant
November 14, 2000 No seminar
November 21, 2000 Hal Sadofsky Inverse limits and homology
November 28, 2000 Tadg Woods Lorentz Target Wave Maps