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Topology Seminar W10

This seminar is held on Tuesdays at 11am in 210 Deady.

Fall Quarter, 2009

  • January 5 – (joint with Geometric Analysis seminar)
    Jonathan Rosenberg (University of Maryland).
    Harmonic maps between noncommutative tori
  • January 12 – meeting to discuss Geometry/Topology course offerings for 2010-11.
  • January 19 – no seminar.
  • January 26 – Hal Sadofsky (University of Oregon)
    Singularities in regular cell complexes and Koszulity of certain algebras.
  • February 2 – Dan Dugger (University of Oregon)
    Rigidification of quasi-categories.
  • February 9 – Boris Botvinnik (University of Oregon)
    The moduli space of generalized Morse functions.
  • February 16 – Graham Denham (University of Western Ontario)
    Critical sets of products of linear forms.
  • February 23 – joint with Algebra Seminar (during their meeting time)
    Dmitry Kaledin (Steklov Math Inst. and Univ. of Chicago)
    Derived Mackey functors.
  • March 2 – Chad Giusti (University of Oregon)
    Unstable Vassiliev spectral sequences.
  • March 9 – Dev Sinha (University of Oregon)
    Some approachable open questions related to the cohomology of symmetric groups.

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