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Topology Seminar F08

This seminar is held on Tuesdays at 11am in 210 Deady.

Fall Quarter, 2008

  • September 30 – Organizational meeting and prepare for Vancouver AMS Meeting.
  • October 7 – Dev Sinha (University of Oregon).
    Cohomology of symmetric groups through intersection theory.
  • October 14 – Matt Miller (Bucknell University).
    Edge-colored hypergraphic arrangements.
  • October 21 – Ruth Vanderpool (University of Oregon)
    On the stable homotopy category of p-complete abelian groups.
  • October 28 – Aaron Leeman (University of Oregon)
    Stable and unstable localization
  • November 4 – Chad Giusti (University of Oregon)
    Plumbers’ knots and Vassiliev derivatives.
  • November 8-9 – Cascade Topology Seminar at Portland State.
  • November 11 – Peter Bubenik(?)
    Models and van Kampen theorems for directed homotopy theory.
  • November 18 – N. Chris Phillips (University of Oregon)
    The cohomology of the maximal ideal space of a commutative Banach algebra.
  • November 25 – Nick Proudfoot (University of Oregon)
    Toric nonabelian Hodge theory
  • December 2 – Boris Botvinnik (University of Oregon)
    Cobordism categories and positive scalar curvature..
  • December 10 – Kathryn Lesh (Union Collegeg)
    An interesting filtration of bu and an analogue of the Whitehead Conjecture

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