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Topology Seminar 2019

This seminar is held on Tuesdays at 3pm in 210 Deady.

Spring Quarter, 2019

  • April 9, No seminar – Moursund Lecture (Amie Wilkinson)
  • April 16, Juanita Pinzon Caicedo (NC State)
    Operations of Infinite Rank in Concordance

  • April 23, Eric Ramos (UO)
    Categories of Graphs and Contractions

  • April 30, Brenda Johnson (Union College)
    Functor Precalculus

  • May 7, No seminar – Niven Lecture (Alison Etheridge)
  • May 14, Philip Engel (University of Georgia)
    Penrose tilings and Hurwitz theory of leaf spaces

  • May 28, Allison Moore (UC Davis)
    Heegaard Floer d-invariants and integral surgery

Winter Quarter, 2019

  • February 19, Jens Kjaer (Notre Dame)
    Unstable v_1-periodic Homotopy Groups through Goodwillie Calculus

  • February 26, Dan Margalit (Georgia Tech)
    Congruence subgroups of braid groups

  • March 5, Craig Westerland (University of Minnesota)
    Quantum shuffle algebras and homology of braid groups

  • March 12, Kyle Ormsby (Reed)
    The structure of the homotopy groups of the motivic sphere spectrum

Fall Quarter, 2018

  • October 2, Dev Sinha (UO)
    The mod-two cohomology of DX and QX

  • October 9, Eric Ramos (UO)
    Commutative Algebra in the Configuration spaces of Graphs

  • October 16, Clayton Shonkwiler (Colorado State)
    The Geometry of Topologically Constrained Random Walks

  • October 23, Haofei Fan (UCLA)
    Unoriented cobordism maps on link Floer homology

  • November 6, Marco Golla (University of Nantes)
    Special Time: 9am in 210 Deady.
    Smooth concordance bounds on wrapping numbers

  • November 13, Charles Katerba (Montana State)
    Searching for closed essential surfaces in knot complements with character varieties

  • November 20, Claudius Zibrowius (U. British Columbia)
    Khovanov homology and the Fukaya category of the 4-punctured sphere

  • November 27, Course organization meeting

Topology Seminar

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