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Topology Seminar 2018

This seminar is held on Tuesdays at 3pm in 210 Deady.

Spring Quarter, 2018

  • April 24, Emmy Murphy (Northwestern)
    Arboreal singularities and loose Legendrians

  • May 1, Cornelia Van Cott (U. San Francisco)
    Continued fractions, non-orientable surfaces, and torus knots

  • May 8, Jennifer Hom (Georgia Tech)
    Knot concordance in homology cobordisms

  • May 15, John Etnyre (Georgia Tech)
    Branched covers and contact geometry

  • May 15, Victor Turchin (Kansas State)
    Special Time:4pm in Deady 210
    Hochschild-Pirashvili homology and representations of Out(F_n)

  • May 18, Victor Turchin (Kansas State)
    Special Time:3pm in Deady 210
    Manifold functor calculus

  • May 22, Kristen Hendricks (Michigan State)
    Special Time:9am in Deady 210
    Connected Heegaard Floer homology and homology cobordism

  • May 22, Akhil Mathew (U. Chicago)
    p-adic K-theory and topological cyclic homology

  • May 29, Siqi He (CalTech)
    Note Joint seminar with Geometric Analysis seminar at 11am.
    A Kobayashi-Hitchin correspondence for the extended Bogomonly Equations

  • June 5, Tye Lidman (NC State)
    Spines in four-manifolds

Winter Quarter, 2018

  • January 16, Samantha Allen (Indiana University)
    The nonorientable four-genus of knots

  • January 23, Dev Sinha (UO)
    Rational mapping invariants

  • January 30, Dan Dugger (UO)
    Derived Morita theory in topology

  • February 6, Benson Farb (University of Chicago)
    How to make predictions in topology using number theory

  • February 13, Cynthia Lester (UO)
    The homotopical canonical topology

  • February 20, Krishanu Sankar (University of British Columbia)
    Steinberg summands and symmetric powers of the equivariant sphere spectrum

  • February 27, Kadriye Nur Saglam (UC Riverside)
    New Exotic 4-manifolds via Luttinger surgery on Lefschetz fibrations

  • March 6, Akram Alishahi (Columbia University)
    Trivial tangles, compressible surfaces, and Floer homology

  • March 13, Mauricio Gomez Lopez (UO)
    Spaces of graphs and the stable homology of the automorphism groups of free groups

Fall Quarter, 2017

  • September 26, Nathan Perlmutter (Stanford)
    Parametrized Morse Theory, Cobordism Categories, and Positive Scalar Curvature

  • October 3, John Lind (Reed)
    T-duality in physics and topology

  • October 10, Nikolai Saveliev (U. Miami)
    Instanton knot homology and equivariant gauge theory

  • October 17, Jeremy Van Horn-Morris (U. Arkansas)
    Contact and symplectic topology and the topology of 3- and 4-manifolds

  • October 24, Eric Hogle (UO)
    On the RO(C2)-graded cohomology of certain equivariant Grassmannians

  • October 31, Clover May (UO)
    A structure theorem for RO(C_2)-graded cohomology

  • November 7, Keegan Boyle (UO)
    The virtual cosmetic surgery conjecture

  • November 14, Beibei Liu (UC Davis)
    Heegaard Floer homology of L-space links with two components

  • November 21, Mauricio Gomez Lopez (UO)
    The homotopy type of the PL cobordism category

  • December 5, Ben Knudson (Harvard)
    Special Room: McKenzie 349
    Subdivisional spaces and graph braid groups

Topology Seminar

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