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Topology Seminar 2017

This seminar is held on Tuesdays at 3pm in 210 Deady.

Spring Quarter, 2017

  • April 11, Hongbin Sun (UC Berkeley)
    NonLERFness of arithmetic hyperbolic manifold groups

  • April 18, Michael Willis (UVA)
    The Khovanov homology of infinite braids

  • April 25, Vassili Gorbounov (University of Aberdeen)
    New feature of the Schubert calculus

  • May 2, no seminar – Niven Lectures
  • May 9, Biji Wong (Brandeis)
    Equivariant corks and Heegaard Floer homology

  • May 16, no seminar – Moursund Lectures
  • May 23, Boris Botvinnik (UO)
    Torelli groups and families of metrics with positive Ricci curvature
  • May 30, Kirk McDermott (Oregon State)
    Examples of 3-manifold spines arising from a family of cyclic presentations

  • June 6, Chris Scaduto (Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, Stonybrook)
    The mod 2 cohomology of some SU(2) representation spaces for a surface

Winter Quarter, 2017

  • January 17, no seminar
  • January 24, no seminar
  • January 31, David Pengelley (Oregon State)
    How is a projective space fitted together?

  • February 7, Yefeng Shen (Stanford)
    LG/CY correspondence via modularity

  • February 21, Paul Arnaud Songhafouo Tsopméné (University of Regina)
    Cosimplicial models for manifold calculus

  • February 28, Christian Millichap (Linfield College)
    Commensurability of hyperbolic knot and link complements

  • March 14, Dan Dugger (UO)
    Bigraded cohomology for Z/2-spaces

Fall Quarter, 2016

  • September 23, Jessica Purcell (Monash University)
    Special Time: 10:30am in 210 Deady Hall
    Limits of knots

  • September 27, Organizational Meeting
  • October 4, Shida Wang (UO)
    Linear independence in the smooth concordance group

  • October 11, Dan Dugger (UO)
    Involutions on surfaces
  • October 18, Dev Sinha (UO)
    Towards a geometric model for cochains, as an E_∞ algebra

  • October 25, Scott Baldridge (Louisiana State)
    Invariants of Special Lagrangian Cones

  • November 1, Leanne Merril (UO)
    Algebraic vn self maps at the prime 2

  • November 8, Tian Yang (Stanford)
    Volume conjectures for Reshetikhin-Turaev and Turaev-Viro invariants

  • November 15, Demetre Kazaras (UO)
    Minimal hypersurfaces with free boundary and psc-bordism

  • November 22, Nathan Dunfield (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne)
    A tale of two norms

  • November 29, Ailsa Keating (Columbia)
    Special Time/Location 10am in McKenzie 345
    On higher dimensional Dehn twists

  • December 8, Vinicius Gripp Barros Ramos (IMPA)
    Symplectic embeddings, toric domains and billiards

Topology Seminar

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