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Topology Seminar 2016

This seminar is held on Tuesdays at 3pm in 210 Deady.

Summer Quarter, 2016

  • July 7, Mark Walsh, (Wichita State)
    Positive scalar curvature and manifolds with boundary

  • July 26, Sarah Rasmussen, (Cambridge)
    L-space Classification, Graph Manifolds, and Singularities

  • September 6, David Wraith, (National U. of Ireland, Maynooth)
    Special Time: 4:00pm in 210 Deady Hall
    Positive Ricci curvature on highly connected manifolds

  • September 23, Jessica Purcell, (Monash University)
    Special Time: 10:30am in 210 Deady Hall
    Limits of knots

Spring Quarter, 2016

  • April 6-7, Cameron Gordon, (University of Texas at Austin)
    Part of the Niven Lecture series
  • April 12, Felix Wierstra, (Stockholm University)
    Koszul spaces in rational homotopy theory

  • April 19, Lenhard Ng, (Duke University)
    Knot contact homology and string topology

  • April 26, Christine Escher, (OSU)
    Non-negative curvature and torus actions

  • May 3, Anibal Medina, (Stanford)
    E-infinity comodules and topological manifolds

  • May 10, Laura Starkston, (Stanford)
    Doubling symplectic hypersurfaces and the topology of the complement

  • May 17, Aaron Mazel-Gee, (Berkeley)
    Resolution revolution: model categories, ∞-categories, and beyond

  • May 24, Faramarz Vafaee, (CalTech)
    ‘Zero’ surgery on knots in L-spaces

  • May 31, TriThang Tran, (UO)

Winter Quarter, 2016

  • January 12, Dan Dugger (UO)
    The Grothendieck-Witt category of a field

  • January 19, Ian Zemke (UCLA)
    Basepoints in Heegaard Floer homology

  • January 26, Robert Lipshitz (UO)
    Introduction to (Heegaard) Floer homology

  • February 2, Boris Botvinnik (UO)
    Stable Moduli Space of High-dimensional Handlebodies
  • February 9, Nicholas Proudfoot (UO)
    Intersection cohomology of the symmetric reciprocal plane

  • February 26, Robert Lipshitz (UO)
    Introduction to (Heegaard) Floer homology, Part 2
  • March 1, Chad Giusti (University of Pennsylvania)
    Neural networks and the nerve theorem

  • March 8, Nathan Perlmutter (Stanford)
    Cobordism categories and the moduli space of odd dimensional manifolds

Fall Quarter, 2015

  • September 29, Organizational meeting.
  • October 6, Alex Ellis (UO)
    Quantum gl(1|1) and tangle Floer homology

  • October 13, Robert Lipshitz (UO)
    Periodic knots and Hochschild homology

  • October 20, Dan Ramras (IUPUI)
    Stable representation theory and spaces of flat connections

  • October 26, Ben Elias (UO)
    Igusa diagrams and the K(pi, 1)-conjecturette (joint w/ Geordie Williamson)

  • November 6, Agnes Beaudry (U Chicago)
    Gluing data in chromatic homotopy theory

  • November 7-8, Cascade Topology Seminar
  • November 10, Kristen Hendricks (UCLA)
    New versions of the Heegaard Floer correction term

  • November 17, Dev Sinha (UO)
    Cohomology of symmetric and alternating groups

  • November 24, 2016-17 course discussion meeting
  • December 2, Safia Chettih (UO)
    Topology of Configurations on Trees

Topology Seminar

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