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Geometric Analysis Seminar

The geometric analysis seminar is held on Tuesdays at 11am in 210 Deady Hall.

Spring Quarter, 2017

  • April 4, Adam Jacob (UC Davis)
    Tangent cones of Yang-Mills connections with isolated singularities

  • April 18, Peter Gilkey (UO)
    Affine symmetric spaces
  • April 25, Weiyong He (UO)
    Constant scalar curvature metric and its weak solution on compact Kahler manifolds

  • May 9, Syafiq Johar (Oxford)
  • May 16, Micah Warren (UO)
    Radial solutions of a fourth order Hamiltonian stationary equation

  • May 23, Demetre Kazaras (UO)
    Gluing manifolds with boundary and bordisms of positive scalar curvature metrics

  • May 30, Adam Layne (UO)
    Instability in T^2-symmetric expanding spacetimes
  • June 6, Arunima Bhattacharya (UO)
    Regularity Bootstrapping for fourth order non linear equations

Winter Quarter, 2017

  • January 10, Bing Wang (University of Wisconsin)
    The extension problem of the mean curvature flow

  • January 24, Weiyong He (UO)
    Regularity of weak solutions of scalar curvature equation.

  • January 31, Boris Botvinnik (UO)
  • February 14, John Ma (UBC)
    Compactness, finiteness properties of Lagrangian self-shrinkers in $\mathbb R^4$ and Piecewise mean curvature flow.
  • February 21, Jim Isenberg (UO)
    Neckpinches and Caps in Geometric Heat Flows
  • February 28, Yu Li
  • March 7, Micah Warren (UO)

Fall Quarter, 2016

  • September 27, Organizational Meeting
  • October 4, Micah Warren (UO)
    Increased Regularity for Hamiltonian Stationary submanifolds

  • October 11, Peter Gilkey (UO)
    Geodesics on locally homogeneous affine surfaces

  • October 25, Demetre Kazaras (UO)
    Minimal hypersurfaces with free boundary and psc-bordism

  • November 2, Bradley Burdick (UO)
    Perelman`s construction for gluing manifolds with positive Ricci curvature
  • November 15, Weiyong He (UO)
    The Calabi flow with rough initial data

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