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Geometric Analysis Seminar 2016

The geometric analysis seminar is held on Tuesdays at 11am in 210 Deady Hall.

Spring Quarter, 2016

  • March 29, Heather MacBeth (MIT/MSRI)
    Kähler-Einstein metrics and higher alpha-invariants

  • April 12, Greg Drugan (UO)
    Solitons for the inverse mean curvature flow
  • April 19, Demetre Kazaras (UO)
    Rigidity of area-minimizing surfaces in 3-manifolds

  • April 26, Christine Escher (OSU)
    Non-negative curvature and torus actions

  • May 2, Peter Gilkey (UO)
    Moduli space of oriented affine manifolds of Type-A

  • May 10, Adam Layne (UO)
    Future stable T^2 symmetric metrics of the Einstein Flow

  • May 17, Yu Zheng
    Deformations of twisted cscK metrics

  • May 24, Weiyong He (UO)

Winter Quarter, 2016

  • January 6, Peter Gilkey (UO)
    The moduli space locally homogeneous affine surfaces
  • January 12, Lorenzo Foscolo (Stony Brook University)
    Exotic nearly Kähler structures on the 6-sphere and the product of two 3-spheres

  • January 26, Boris Botvinnik (UO)
    Cheeger-Gromov convergence in the conformal setting
  • February 2, Yakov Shlapentokh-Rothman (Princeton)
    Time-Periodic Einstein-Klein-Gordon Bifurcations Of Kerr

  • February 9, Qin Hang (Notre Dame)
    Loewner-Nirenberg problem in singular domains

  • February 16, Micah Warren (UO)
    Approximate and Coarse Ricci Curvatures

  • March 1, Greg Drugan (UO)
    Mean curvature flow of an entire graph evolving away from the heat flow

  • March 8, Xiaohua Zhu
    Steady Ricci solitons with positively curved curvature

Fall Quarter, 2015

  • September 17, Hojoo Lee (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)
    Sweeping Out Minimal Cones in Euclidean Space

  • September 29, Valentino Tosatti (Northwestern)
    Complex Monge-Ampere type equations on Hermitian manifold

  • October 13, Peter Gilkey (UO)
    Affine gradient Ricci solitions and affine Killing vector fields on homogeneous affine surfaces

  • October 20, Micah Warren (UO)
    Regularity for Hamiltonian stationary submanifolds

  • October 27, Greg Drugan (UO)
  • November 3, Demetre Kazaras (UO)
    Positive scalar curvature and free boundary minimal surfaces

  • November 10, HaoTian Wu (UO)
    Metrics with non-negative Ricci curvature on convex three-manifolds

  • November 17, Chong SONG (Xiamen U. and UW)
    Skew Mean Curvature Flow

  • November 24, Weiyong He (UO)
    Geometric flows on almost Hermitian manifolds
  • December 1, Robert Lipshitz (UO)
    Holomorphic curves, Floer theory, and degenerations

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