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Geometric Analysis Seminar

This seminar is held on Tuesdays at 11:00-11:50 am in 210 Deady.

2014 Spring – Schedule:

  • April 8, Peter Gilkey (UO)
  • Title: All the way with Gauss-Bonnet

  • April 15, James Dilts (UO)
  • Title: The Prescribed Scalar Curvature Problem on Asymptotically Euclidean Manifolds

  • April 22, Tamas Darvas (Purdue)
  • Title: The metric completion of the space of Kahler potentials

  • April 29, HaoTian Wu (UO)
  • Title: Dynamical stability of algebraic Ricci solitons

  • May 6, Jingyi Chen (UBC)
  • Title: Harmonic maps of the stratified 2-spheres and applications to geometric flows

  • May 13, Davi Maximo (Stanford)
  • Title: On the topology and index of minimal surfaces in R^3

  • May 20, Christine Guenther (PU)
  • Title: The second order renormalization group flow

  • May 27, Micah Warren (UO)
  • Title: Coarse Ricci Curvature with applications to Manifold Learning

  • June 3, Demetre Kazaras (UO)
  • Title: Gluing Scalar-Flat Manifolds with Constant Mean Curvature on the Boundary

    Previous Schedule: 2010 Winter, 2010 Spring, 2011 Fall, 2012 Winter, 2014 Winter