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Geometric Analysis Seminar

This seminar is held on Tuesdays at 11:00-11:50 am in 210 Deady.

2015 Winter-Schedule:

  • Jan 13, Richard Bamler (UC Berkeley)
  • Title: On the scalar curvature blow up conjecture in Ricci flow

  • Jan 20, Peter Gilkey (Krill Institute of Technology/UO)
  • Title: Affine gradient Ricci solitons on homogeneous affine surfaces

  • Jan 27, Weiyong He (UO)
  • Title: Kahler-Ricci flow and geodesic ray on Fano manifolds

  • Feb 4, Jim Isenberg (UO)
  • Title: Hyperboloidal solutions of the Einstein constraint equations

  • Feb 10, Demetre Kazaras (UO)
  • Title: R. Bamler’s long-time analysis of RF with surgery: the warm-up case

  • Feb 17, Adam Layne (UO)
  • Title: Ringstrom’s pseudo homogeneous solutions and instability near Gowdy spacetimes

  • Mar 3, Micah Warren (UO)
  • Title: Curve Shortening Flow for figure-8 shapes

    Previous Schedule: 2010 Winter, 2010 Spring, 2011 Fall, 2012 Winter, 2014 Winter, 2014 Spring, 2014 Fall