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Colloquium 2019-2020

The Colloquium is held on Mondays at 4pm in Deady 208.

Winter Quarter, 2020

  • January 27, Marina Guenza (University of Oregon, Chemistry)
    Bridging length scales in molecular liquids
  • February 10, Ailana Fraser (UBC)
    Extremal eigenvalue problems and minimal surfaces

  • March 2, Renate Scheidler (Calgary)
    A journey of cryptography in class groups of quadratic fields

Spring Quarter, 2020

  • May 4, Jonathan Kadmon (Stanford, Neuroscience)
  • May 11, Andy Putman (Notre Dame)

Fall Quarter, 2019

  • October 21, Brittany Erickson (University of Oregon, CS)
    A Computational Framework for Earthquake Sequences in Nonlinear Media

  • October 28, Phillip Wood (UC Berkeley)
    Singularity of Discrete Random Matrices

  • November 11, Matthew Gursky (Notre Dame)
    Asymptotically hyperbolic Einstein metrics: existence, obstructions, and generalizations

  • November 25, Aaron Lauda (USC)
    A new look at quantum knot invariants

  • December 2, Julie Rowlett (Chalmers University)
    The mathematics of “hearing the shape of a drum”

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