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Colloquium 2016-2017

The Colloquium is held on Mondays at 4pm in Deady 208.

Spring Quarter, 2017

  • April 3, Adam Jacob (UC Davis)
    Stable classes and special Lagrangian graphs

  • April 17, Roger Heath-Brown (Oxford University)
    Iteration of quadratic polynomials over finite fields

  • April 24, Elissa Ross (MESH consultants)
    A geometric challenge in digital 3D design: offsetting polygon meshes

  • May 1, No colloquium this week – Niven lecture
  • May 8, Zhiwei Yun (Yale)
    Spectral decomposition in Betti geometric Langlands

  • May 15, No colloquium this week – Moursund lecture
  • May 22, Paul Pollack (Georgia)
    Summing divisors: A status report on the first 2000 years

Winter Quarter, 2017

  • February 17, Ivan Losev (Northeastern University)

  • February 27, Tony Pantev (UPenn)
    Foliations, symplectic structures, and potentials

Fall Quarter, 2016

  • September 26, Yashar Ahmadian (UO)
    Structure and stability in canonical cortical computations

  • October 3, Stefan Tohaneanu (University of Idaho)
    From linear codes to generalized star configurations and beyond

  • October 10, Tyler Helmuth (UC Berkeley)
    Dimensional Reduction for Generalized Continuum Polymers

  • October 24, Scott Baldridge (LSU)
    The Mathematical Foundations of Mathematics Education: A Maturing Field of Study

  • November 7, Peter Samuelson (U Iowa)
    The Homfly skein and elliptic Hall algebras

  • November 14, Jayadev Athreya (U Washington)
    Special Time: 3pm in 123 Pacific
    How random are the rationals?

  • November 21, Nathan Dunfield (U Illinois)
    Fun with finite covers of 3-manifolds: connections between topology, geometry, and arithmetic

  • November 28, Ailsa Keating (Columbia University)
    On two-variable singularities, planar graphs and mapping class groups

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