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Colloquium 2013-2014

  • October 21, Clayton Petsche (OSU)
    The Dynamical Mordell-Lang Problem

  • November 11, Ivan Loseu (Northeastern)
    Counting finite dimensional irreducible representations over quantizations of symplectic resolutions

  • November 25, Mock AMS Session
  • December 2, Hans Ringstrom (KTH)
    On the topology and future stability of the universe

  • February 10, Vera Serganova (UC Berkeley)
    The Lie superalgebra P(n) and Brauer algebras with signs

  • April 14, Krzysztof Burdzy (UW)
    On the meteor process

  • April 21, Jerry Folland (UW)
    From the applicable to the abstruse: an example in representation theory

  • May 12, Emanuel Carneiro (IMPA)
    Extremal Fourier analysis and some consequences of the Riemann hypothesis

  • May 30, Andre Henriques (Utrecht)
    An introduction to conformal field theory