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The Colloquium is held on Mondays at 4pm in Deady 208.

Winter Quarter, 2019

  • January 8, Otis Chodish (Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics)
    The multiplicity one conjecture on 3-manifolds

  • January 9, Laura Fredrickson (Stanford)
    The asymptotic geometry of the Hitchin moduli space

  • January 11, Konstantin Matveev (Brandeis University)
    ART and the Kerov’s conjecture

  • January 14, Matthew Junge (Duke University)
    Coexistence in chase-escape

  • January 16, Sylvie Corteel (Université Paris Diderot, UC Berkeley)
    Combinatorics of multivariate orthogonal polynomials

  • January 18, Chris Schafhauser (York University)
    An Embedding Theorem of C*Algebras

  • January 22, Zhongyang Li (University of Connecticut)
    Phase transitions and scaling limits in lattice models

  • January 25, Sean Howe (Stanford University)
    Probabilistic structures in the topology and arithmetic of moduli spaces

  • January 28, Patricia Hersh (North Carolina State University)
    Fibers of maps to totally nonnegative spaces and the Fomin-Shapiro Conjecture

  • January 30, Ben Krause (Cal Tech)
    Discrete Analogues in Harmonic Analysis: Oscillation and Symmetry

  • February 8, Merav Stern (University of Washington)
    From Connectivity Matrices to Rate Dynamics

  • February 25, Dan Margalit (Georgia Tech)
    Algebraic, Geometric, and Dynamical Aspects of Surfaces

  • March 4, Craig Westerland (Minnesota)
    Topology and arithmetic statistics

Spring Quarter, 2019

Fall Quarter, 2018

  • September 24, No Colloquium
  • October 1, Justin Sawon (University of North Carolina)
    Moduli of vector bundles

  • October 15, Richard Hain (Duke)
    Completions of Mapping Class Groups

  • October 29, Mario Bonk (UCLA)
    The Quasiconformal Geometry of Fractals

  • November 9, Dan Christensen (Ontario)
    An introduction to homotopy type theory

    Special Time : 4pm in 208 Deady

  • November 26, Tom Roby (UConn)
    Dynamical Algebraic Combinatorics: Actions, Orbits, and Averages

  • December 3, Maciej Zworski (Berkeley)
    Microlocal methods in chaotic dynamics

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