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Analysis Seminar 2014

The analysis seminar is held on Tuesdays 2:00–2:50 in Deady Hall, Room 210, unless other information is posted.
All talks by University of Oregon speakers are subject to postponement in case the slot is needed for a visitor.

Fall 2014


Date Speaker Title
September 30 Organizational Meeting
October 7 Marcin Bownik
University of Oregon
Smooth orthogonal projections on sphere
October 14 Ilan Hirshberg
Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Rokhlin dimension for group actions on C*-algebras
October 21 Bartek Siudeja
University of Oregon
From spectral theory to invariant polynomials via generalized tight frames
October 28 Yuan Xu
University of Oregon
Spectral approximation in the Sobolev space on the unit ball
November 4 Karen Strung
Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences
The classification problem for C*-algebras of minimal dynamical systems
November 11 Joey Iverson
University of Oregon
Translation invariance over an abelian subgroup
November 18 Chris Phillips
University of Oregon
Large Subalgebras and the Stable Rank of Crossed Products
November 25 Bill Johnson
Texas A&M University
Approximation properties of a Banach space and its subspaces
December 2 Minh Ro
University of Oregon
Approximate diagonalization of homomorphisms between AF-algebras


Winter 2015


Date Speaker Title
January 6 David Cruz-Uribe
Trinity College
Weighted norm inequalities on variable Lebesgue spaces
January 13 Organizational Meeting
February 17 Chris Phillips
University of Oregon
Analog of AF algebras on L^p spaces
March 3 Joey Iverson
University of Oregon
Frames and Riesz bases generated by modulations
March 10 Eusebio Gardella
University of Oregon
Quotients of Banach algebras that act on L^p spaces


Spring 2015


Date Speaker Title
March 31 Michael Kelly
University of Michigan
A Fourier Analytic Proof of the Blaschke-Santalo Inequality
April 7 Eusebio Gardella
University of Oregon
Rigidity results for L^p-operator algebras
April 14 John Jasper
University of Oregon
Recent results on equiangular tight frames
April 21 Marcin Bownik
University of Oregon
Wavelets for Non-Expanding Dilations and the Lattice Counting Estimate
April 28 Dominique Guillot
Stanford University
Schoenberg’s theorem in fixed dimension
May 5 Yuan Xu
University of Oregon
Uncertainty principles for weighted spheres and balls
May 12 Darrin Speegle
Saint Louis University
Tiling the line by affine shifts of prototiles of finite measure
June 12 Piotr Indyk
Massechussets Institute of Technology
Recent Developments in the Sparse Fourier Transform


Archive of talks given in the academic year 2013-14