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Analysis Seminar 2013

The analysis seminar is held on Tuesdays 2:00–2:50 in Deady Hall, Room 210, unless other information is posted.
All talks by University of Oregon speakers are subject to postponement in case the slot is needed for a visitor.


Fall 2013

Date Speaker Title
October 1 Organizational Meeting
October 8 Min Ro
University of Oregon
Approximate Diagonalization of Homomorphisms from C(X)
October 15 Eusebio Gardella
University of Oregon
Existence and Uniqueness Theorems for Circle Actions on Kirchberg Algebras
October 22 Wei Sun
East China Normal University
Approximate Conjugacies and K-theory for certain dynamical systems
November 5 Joey Iverson
University of Oregon
Translation invariance over a compact subgroup
November 12 Chris Phillips
Univeristy of Oregon
Nonexistence of generalized Rokhlin actions of finite groups via the Atiyah-Segal Completion Theorem
November 19 Michael Sun
University of Oregon
A family of discrete group actions for the Jiang Su algebra
November 26 Tal Weissblat
Univeristy of Oregon
Anisotropic Hardy Spaces
December 3 Julian Buck
Francis Marion University
Some Regularity Properties for Certain Dynamical Systems


Winter 2014

Date Speaker Title
January 28 Marcin Bownik
University of Oregon
HRT conjecture on linear independence of time-frequency shifts
March 4 Huaxin Lin
University of Oregon
Distance between unitary orbits of normal elements
March 11 Ken Ross
University of Oregon
Factorization in Banach algebras and modules


Spring 2014

Date Speaker Title
April 8 Geoff Diestel
Texas A&M University-Central Texas
Factoring multi-sublinear maps
April 15 Chris Phillips
University of Oregon
Multiplicative domains for completely contractive maps of Lp operator algebras
April 22 Marcin Bownik
University of Oregon
A combinatorial characterization of tight fusion frames
April 29 Huaxin Lin
University of Oregon
Crossed products from minimal dynamical systems on odd dimensional spaces
May 6 Jakob Lemvig
Denmark Technical University
Characterizing equations for generalized translation invariant systems on LCA groups
May 13 Emanuel Carneiro
IMPA, Brazil
Some sharp restriction inequalities on the sphere
May 20 Richard S. Laugesen
University of Illinois-Urbana-Champagne
Maximizing magnetic eigenvalues
May 27 Elaine Cozzi
Oregon State University
Solutions to the Euler equations with velocity unbounded at infinity
July 2 David Evans
Cardiff University
The search for the exotic – subfactors and conformal field theory


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