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Analysis Seminar 2018

The analysis seminar is held on Tuesdays at 2:00-2:50 in 210 Deady Hall unless otherwise noted.

Spring Quarter, 2019

  • April 23, M. Ali Asadi-Vasfi (University of Tehran)
    The Cuntz semigroup of the fixed point algebra under a weak Rokhlin action.
  • April 30, Bill Johnson (Texas A&M university)
    Several 20+ problems about Banach spaces and operators on them
  • May 7, Martin Hiserote (UO)
    A characterization of anisotropic H^1(R^N) by smooth homogeneous multipliers
  • May 21, Darrin Speegle (Saint Louis University)
    The wavelet set existence problem
  • May 28, Simon Bortz (University of Washington)
    Muckenhoupt Weights and Elliptic Measure

Winter Quarter, 2019

  • January 8, John Jasper (South Dakota State University)
    Diagonals of operators in infinite dimensions

  • February 5, Qaiser Jahan (Indian Institute of Technology Mandi)
    Wavelets on compact abelian groups
  • February 12, Baode Li (Xinjiang University, China)
    Ellipsiod cover and quasi-distance
  • March 12, M. Ali Asadi-Vasfi (University of Tehran, Iran)
    Radius of comparison of fixed point algebras and crossed products of actions of finite groups

Fall Quarter, 2018

  • October 2, Marcin Bownik (UO)
    Exponential frames and syndetic frame sequences
  • October 9, Yuan Xu (UO)
    Intertwining operators associated to dihedral groups
  • October 16, Chris Phillips (UO)
    Tracially Z-absorbing C*-algebras
  • October 23, Johann Brauchart (TU Graz, Austria)
    Explicit Construction of Good Point Set Sequences on the Sphere
  • October 30, Mario Bonk (UCLA)
    Expanding Thurston Maps
  • November 6, Qingyun Wang (UO)
    A tracially Z-stable C*-algebra which is not Z-stable
  • November 13, March Boedihardjo (UCLA)
    Similarity of operators on \ell^{p}

  • November 20, Andrey Blinov (UO)
    Automorphisms of l^p Calkin algebras
  • November 27, Leonardo Figueroa (Universidad de Concepción, Chile)
    On weighted Sobolev orthogonal polynomials in the ball

  • November 29, Analysis/Probability course meeting
    Special Time/Location: 2pm in 303 Deady
  • November 30, Maciej Zworski (Berkeley)
    Special Time:Friday, 2pm in 209 Deady
    Rough control for Schrödinger operators on 2-tori

  • December 4, Dawn Archey (University of Detroit Mercy) and Julian Buck (Francis Marion University)
    Structure Properties for Certain Non
    \mathcal{Z}-Stable Crossed Product C*-Algebras

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