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Analysis Seminar 2017

The analysis seminar is held on Tuesdays at 2:00-2:50 in 210 Deady Hall unless otherwise noted.

Spring Quarter, 2018

  • April 10, Xin Ma (Texas A & M)
    Dynamics and classification of crossed product C*-algebras

  • April 17, John Jasper (South Dakota State U)
    ETFs: from harmonic analysis to *-algebras and combinatorial designs

  • April 24, Huaxin Lin (UO)
    Closure of convex hull of normal elements in C*-algebras of tracial rank zero
  • May 1, Stefan Steinerberger (Yale)
    Oscillations, Roots and Eigenfunctions

  • May 8, Marcin Bownik (UO)
    On a conjecture of Akemann and Weaver
  • May 22, Daniel Wang (South Houston State U)
    Differential Characterization of Anisotropic Hardy Spaces

Winter Quarter, 2018

  • February 6, Qingyun Wang (UO)
    Classification of Rokhlin actions on classifiable C*-algebras
  • February 13, Yuan Xu (UO)
    Minimal cubature rules and common zeros of polynomials
  • February 20, Chris Phillips (UO)
    Isometric inner automorphisms of L^p operator algebras

  • March 6, Jianchao Wu (Penn State)
    Demystifying Rokhlin dimension

  • March 13, David Cruz-Uribe (Alabama)
    Poincare inequalities and Neumann problems for the p-Laplacian

  • March 15, Hannah Feng (UO)
    Chebyshev-Type Cubature Formulas for Doubling Weights

  • March 20, Xuanlong Fu (East China Normal University)
    Special Time: 1pm
    Tracial nuclear dimension and regularity properties of C*-algebras

Fall Quarter, 2017

  • October 3, Qingyun Wang (UO)
    Stability of the rotation relations of three unitaries
  • October 10, Marcin Bownik (UO)
    Lyapunov’s theorem for continuous frames
  • October 17, Saeid Jamali
    Tracially Z-absorbing C*-algebras
  • October 24, Ning Zhang (Berkeley)
    Special Time/Location: 1pm in 303 Deady
    Analysis : Generalizations of Grunbaum’s Inequality
  • October 24, Itay Londner (Tel Aviv University)
    Interpolation sets and arithmetic progressions

  • October 31, Mark Rudelson (University of Michigan and MSRI)
    Density of a projection of a random vector
  • November 7, Hyun Ho Lee (University of Ulsan, South Korea)
    An extension of Phillip’s theorem to inclusions of unital C*-algebras

  • November 14, Huaxin Lin (UO)
    Classification of stably projectionless simple C*-algebras
  • November 21, Chris Phillips (UO)
    L^p operator algebras with contractive approximate identities
  • November 28, Rafał Latała (University of Warsaw & MSRI)
    Dimension-free bounds for nonhomogenous random matrices

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