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Analysis Seminar 2015

These are the analysis seminars that were given during the 2015-2016 academic year.

Fall 2015

Date Speaker Title
Organizational Meeting
October 13 Marcin Bownik
University of Oregon
Improved bounds in Weaver’s conjecture and Kadison-Singer Problem
October 27 Huaxin Lin
University of Oregon
A quick view of some recent development in the Elliott program of classification of simple amenable C*-algebras
November 3 Peng Ng
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Closed convex hulls of unitary orbits in certain C*-algebras
November 10 Chris Phillips
University of Oregon
Simple C*-dynamical systems not isomorphic to their opposite systems
November 7 Qingyun Wang
University of Toronto
Classification of certain inductive limit actions of compact groups on AF algebras
November 24 Joey Iverson
University of Oregon
Frames generated by actions of compact groups
December 1 Xuanlong Fu
East China Normal University
On real rank zero AH-algebras
December 7 Andrew Toms
Purdue University
Unitary orbits of selfadjoint elements in simple C*-algebras

Winter 2016

Date Speaker Title
January 12 Chris Phillips
University of Oregon
Mean dimension and radius of comparison
January 19 Yuan Xu
University of Oregon
Positivity and Fourier integrals
January 26 Marcin Bownik
University of Oregon
Optimal bounds in the Feichtinger conjecture
February 9 Qaiser Jahn
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
Wavelet packets and wavelet frame packets on local fields of positive characteristic
February 16 Huaxin Lin 
University of Oregon
Finite decomposition rank of C*-algebras
February 23  Joey Iverson
University of Oregon
 Bracket Analysis for noncommutative group frames
March 1 Xuanlong Fu
East China Normal University
On approximately divisible AH algebra

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Title
May 17 Elena Lebedeva
St. Petersburg State University, Russia
Uncertainty principles for weighted spheres and balls
May 20 Maria Skopina 
St. Petersburg State University
Multivariate tight wavelet frames
May 31 Daniel Wang
Sam Houston State University
Variable function spaces in harmonic analysis

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