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Analysis Seminar

The analysis seminar is held on Tuesdays at 2:00-2:50 in 210 University Hall unless otherwise noted.

Spring Quarter, 2022

  • April 12, Brody Johnson (Saint Louis University)
    Frame bounds of iterated filter banks

Winter Quarter, 2022

  • January 4, John Jasper (South Dakota State University)
    Diagonals of compact operators
  • January 11, Chris Phillips (UO)
    The tracial Rokhlin property for actions of infinite compact groups

  • January 18, Marcin Bownik (UO)
    Parseval wavelet frames on Riemaniann manifolds

  • January 25, Chris Phillips (UO)
    The dynamical radius of comparison

Fall Quarter, 2021

  • September 28, Organizational Meeting
  • October 5, Chris Phillips (UO)
    The Radius of Comparison of a Commutative C*-algebra

  • October 12, Ilan Hirshberg (Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beersheva, Israel)
    Mean cohomological independence dimension and radius of comparison

  • October 19, Alonso Delfin (UO)
    A representation theorem for Hilbert bimodules and C*-like modules over L^p algebra

  • October 26, Marcin Bownik (UO)
    Simultaneous dilation and translation tilings of \mathbb{R}^n

  • November 2, Chris Phillips (UO)
    Incompressible Banach algebras

  • November 9, Yuan Xu (UO)
    Analysis on homogeneous space with a localizable kernel

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