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Algebra Seminar 2018

This seminar is held on Tuesdays at 4pm in 210 Deady.

Spring Quarter, 2019

  • April 2, Nicolas Addington (UO)
    Rational points and derived categories

  • April 3, Hsian-Hua Tseng (Ohio State)
    Special Time: 3pm in 303 Deady
    The descendant Hilb/Sym correspondence for the plane

  • April 9, Boris Shapiro (Stockholm)
    Special Time: 11am
    Around Waring problem for polynomials

  • April 16, Mai Gehrke (Nice)
    Bands, sheaves, and skew lattices

  • April 23, Melissa Liu (Columbia)
    Special Time: 11am in 210 Deady
    GW theory, FJRW theory, and MSP fields

  • April 30, Isabel Vogt (MIT)
    Low degree points on curves

  • May 1, Eric Larson (Stanford)
    Special Day/Time: Wednesday, 3pm in 303 Deady
    The integral Chow ring of \bar{M}_2

  • May 14, Yuri Zahrin (Penn State)
    Jordan properties of automorphism groups of complex algebraic varieties and real manifolds

  • May 17, Vadim Vologodsky (Higher
    School of Economics in Moscow)
    Special Time: Friday at 4pm in 210 Deady
    Finite subgroups of a reductive group

Winter Quarter, 2019

  • February 14, Si Li (Tsinghua University)
    Landau-Ginzburg models and Hodge-to-de Rham degeneration

  • February 19, Eric Larson (Stanford)
    The Maximal Rank Conjecture

  • March 5, Michael Harris (Columbia University)
    Modularity and potential modularity theorems in the function field setting

  • March 12, Rina Anno (Kansas State U.)
    P^n-functors and noncommutative cyclic covers.

Fall Quarter, 2018

  • October 2, Justin Sawon (UNC)
    Lagrangian fibrations by Prym varieties

  • October 8, Ivan Loseu (Northeastern)
    Special Time: 3pm in 210 Deady
    Goldie ranks of primitive ideals and indexes of equivariant Azumaya algebras

  • October 9, Rahul Singh (Northeastern)
    The Conormal Variety of a Schubert Variety

  • October 16, Dick Hain (Duke)
    Hodge Theory and the Goldman–Turaev Lie Bialgebra

  • October 23, Jen Berg (Rice)
    Odd ordered transcendental obstructions to the Hasse principle on K3 surfaces

  • November 6, Nicolle S Gonzalez (U. Southern California)
    Categorical Bernstein Operators and the Boson-Fermion correspondence

  • November 13, Victor Ostrik (UO)
    Negligible and non-negligible tilting modules

  • November 20, Zach Hamaker (Michigan)
    Involution Coxeter combinatorics

  • November 27, Algebra classes organizational meeting
  • November 29, Lucia Morotti (Leibniz Universitat Hannover)
    Special Time: 4pm in 210 Deady
    Irreducible tensor products of representations of symmetric and related groups

  • December 19, Amit Hazi (University of Leeds)

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