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Algebra Seminar 2017

This seminar is held on Tuesdays at 4pm in 210 Deady.

Spring Quarter, 2018

  • April 3, Felix Janda (U Michigan)
    Special Time: 3pm
    On higher genus Gromov-Witten invariants of quintic threefolds

  • April 10, Ben Antieau (UIC)
    The topological period-index problem

  • April 17, Robert Laugwitz (Rutgers)
    A categorification of cyclotomic integers at non-prime orders

  • April 24, Zijun Zhou (Stanford)
    Quantum K-theory of hypertoric varieties

  • May 8, Leonardo Patimo (MPIM Bonn, MSRI)
    Moment graphs, Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials and combinatorics

  • May 17, Jeongseok Oh (UC Berkeley)
    Special Day/Time: 2pm in 210 Deady
    Localized Chern characters for 2-periodic complexes

  • May 22, Robert Muth (Tarleton)
    Schurifying superalgebras

  • May 29, Thorge Jensen (MPIM Bonn, MSRI)
    The ABC of p-Cells

Winter Quarter, 2018

  • January 9, Jonathan Kujawa (U Oklahoma)
    Twisted Heisenberg categories of level zero and beyond

  • January 16, Karina Batistelli (U Cordoba, Argentina)
    QHWM of the “orthogonal” and “symplectic” types Lie subalgebras of the matrix quantum pseudodifferential operators
  • January 30, Katrina Honigs (Univ. of Utah)
    Derived Equivalence and Albanese Varieties

  • February 6, Daniel Bragg (U Washington)
    Supersingular Twistor Space

  • February 20, Jørgen Rennemo (Oslo)
    The Torelli theorem for cubic 4-folds via derived categories

  • February 27, Nicolas Libedinsky (Universidad de Chile)
    Towards a physical interpretation of modular representation theory

  • March 13, Tasos Moulinos (UIC)
    Derived Azumaya Algebras and Twisted K-Theory

Fall Quarter, 2017

  • September 26, Organizational Meeting
  • October 3, Noah Snyder (U Indiana)
    Simple Skein Theories

  • October 10, Ben Elias (UO)
    The Bergman diamond lemma for symmetric groups

  • October 17, Nick Proudfoot (UO)
    The quantum Hikita conjecture

  • October 24, Karl Schmidt (UO)
    Factorizable g-module algebras

  • October 31, Yang Zhou (Stanford)
    Higher genus wall-crossing in weighted FJRW theory

  • November 7, Seth Shelley-Abrahamson (MIT)
    The Dunkl Weight Function for Representations of Rational Cherednik Algebras

  • November 14, Andrei Smirnov (UC Berkeley)
    Quantum difference equations for Nakajima varieties

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