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University of Oregon
Department of Mathematics
Weekly Seminar Bulletin
January 20 – 24, 2020

Monday, January 20
Department Tea 3:30 PM 219 Fenton
No Colloquium today
4:00 PM 208 Deady
Tuesday, January 21
RO(C_2)-graded cohomology of some equivariant Grassmannian manifolds (Kelly Pohland, UO)
10:00 AM 210 Deady
On some questions in number theory, from the perspective of moments (Lillian Pierce, Duke University)
10:00 AM Knight Library
Geometric Analysis:
An introduction to the theory of harmonic Riemannian manifolds (Peter Gilkey, UO)
11:00 AM 210 Deady
Neuroscience Talk:
Physiological constraints and synaptic plasticity in neural circuits (Gabriel Ocker, Allen Institute for Brain Science)
12:00 PM Crater Lake South EMU
Student Number Theory:
Why the Golden Ratio is the Worst (in some sense of the word ‘worst’): Continued Fractions and Approximation (Greg Knapp, UO)
12:00 PM 206 Deady
Student Algebra:
Fibonacci Categories (Max Vargas, UO)
1:00 PM 210 Deady
No meeting this week
2:00 PM 210 Deady
Computer Bounds for Kronheimer-Mrowka Foam Evaluation (Allen David Boozer)
3:00 PM 210 Deady
Department Tea 3:30 PM 219 Fenton
The categorified graph minor theorem, and graph configuration spaces (Eric Ramos, UO)
4:00 PM 210 Deady
Wednesday, January 22
Number Theory:
No meeting this week
3:00 PM 221 Friendly
Department Tea 3:30 PM 219 Fenton
Neuroscience Talk:
Gabriel Ocker, Allen Institute for Brain Science
4:00 PM 210 Deady
Thursday, January 23
Functional Analysis:
Title tba (Paul Herstedt, UO)
11:00 AM 206 Deady
Machine Learning:
Keras Workshop (Andrew Wray, UO)
2:00 PM 210 Deady
Representations of p-adic groups:
No information
2:00 PM 209 Deady
Student Teaching:
Student Assessment (Fill Staley, UO)
3:00 PM 206 Deady
Department Tea 3:30 PM 219 Fenton
Friday, January 24
Department Tea 3:30 PM 219 Fenton
Basic Notions:
Volume, calculus of variation, and scalar curvature (Peng Lu, UO)
 4:00 PM 208 Deady