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University of Oregon
Department of Mathematics
Seminar Bulletin
Spring 2020

Monday, May 18
Doeke Buursma Oral Defense:
Some Extension Algebras of Standard Modules over Khovanov-Lauda-Rouquier Algebras of Type A, Including A-Infinity Structure
11:00 AM Zoom details:
Alexander Kleshchev
Tuesday, May 19
Andrew Wray Oral Defense:
Moduli Spaces of Twisted Hermite-Einstein Connections over K3 Surfaces
11:00 AM Zoom details:
Nick Addington
Wednesday, May 20
Number Theory:
Diving into the Shallow End (Stella Gastineau, Boston College)
3:00 PM Zoom details:
Maria Fox
Thursday, May 21
Bridgeland sability conditions for projective Kleinian orbisurfaces (Franco Rota, Rutgers)
1:00 PM Zoom details:
Yefeng Shen
Tuesday, May 26
TBA (Lei Wu, University of Utah)
11:00 AM Zoom details:
Yefeng Shen
Mathematics & Biology Mid-term Review Seminar:
Canonical cortical computations: from mechanism to purpose (Yashar Amahdian, UO)
2:00 pM Zoom details:
Yashar Ahmadian
Wednesday, May 27
Number Theory:
Construction of Euler Systems for GSp4×GL2 (Chi-Yun Hsu, UCLA)
3:30 PM Zoom details:
Maria Fox
Thursday, May 28
Ryan Takahashi Oral Defense:
A Categorical sl_2 Action on Some Moduli Spaces of Sheaves
10:30 AM Zoom details:
Nick Addington
Christophe Dethier Oral Defense:
A special family of binary forms, their invariant theory, and related computations
1:00 PM Zoom details:
Shabnam Akhtari
Paul Herstedt Oral Defense:
AT-Algebras Associated to Zero-Dimensional Dynamical Systems
TBD Zoom details:
Chris Phillips