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University of Oregon
Department of Mathematics
Weekly Seminar Bulletin
May 20-24, 2019

Monday, May 20
Departmental Tea 3:30 pm Fenton Lounge
No meeting
4:00 pm 208 Deady
Tuesday, May 21
Undergraduate Teaching Seminar:
No information
9:00 am 213 Fenton
Hopf Invariant One (Ross Casebolt)
10:00 am 210 Deady
Geometric Analysis:
Ancient solutions for Andrews’ hypersurface (Peng Lu)
11:00 am 210 Deady
Doctoral Defense:
A Characterization of Anisotropic H^l(R^n) by Smooth Homogeneous Multipliers (Martin Hiserote, Doctoral Candidate)
12:00 pm 122 McKenzie
Student Number Theory:
Dirichlet’s Theorem on Arithmetic Progressions (Sean Haight)
12:00 pm 104 Deady
Number Theory:
Noncongruence modular forms and nonabelian level structures for elliptic curves (William Chen, McGill University)
1:00 pm 119 Fenton
Student Algebra Seminar:
Some extension algebras for KLR algebras of type A (Doeke Buursma)
1:00 pm 206 Deady
The wavelet set existence problem (Darrin Speegle, Saint Louis University)
2:00 pm 210 Deady
Topology Geometry:
No meeting
3:00 pm 210 Deady
Departmental Tea 3:30 pm Fenton Lounge
No meeting
4:00 pm 210 Deady
Wednesday, May 22
Departmental Tea 3:30 pm Fenton Lounge
Thursday, May 23
Functional Analysis:
The weak Rokhlin property for actions of finite groups on nonunital C*-algebras (M. Ali Asadivasfi, University of Tehran)
11:00 am 210 Deady
Analytic Torsion, Part 2 (Andrew Wray)
12:00 pm 102 Deady
Doctoral Defense :
The Canonical Grothendieck Topology and a Homotopical Analog (Cynthia Lester, Doctoral Candidate)
1:00 pm 106 Condon
Graduate Notions:
No meeting
1:00 pm 210 Deady
Arithmetic of small integers (Keegan Boyle)
2:00 pm 210 Deady
Differential Geometry:
No information
2:00 pm 301 Deady
Departmental Tea 3:30 pm Fenton Lounge
Friday, May 24
Departmental Tea 3:30 pm Fenton Lounge
Basic Notions
No meeting
4:00 pm 208 Deady