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University of Oregon
Department of Mathematics
Weekly Seminar Bulletin
March 9 – 13, 2020

Monday, March 9
Department Tea 3:30 PM 219 Fenton
No Colloquium this week
4:00 PM 208 Deady
Tuesday, March 10
The J-homomorphism (Christy Hazel, UO)
10:00 AM 210 Deady
No meeting this week
10:00 AM Knight Library
Geometric Analysis:
Harmonic manifolds (Jeong Hyeong ParkSungkyunkwan University, Korea)
11:00 AM 210 Deady
Student Number Theory:
Severi-Brauer Varieties and the Hasse Principle (Corey Brooke, UO)
12:00 PM 206 Deady
Student Algebra:
Topic tbd (Daniel Hothem, UO)
1:00 PM 210 Deady
Diagonal and quasidiagonal extensions by W (Huaxin Lin, UO)
2:00 PM 210 Deady
No information
2:00 PM 206 Friendly
Seifert form of chain type invertible singularities (Umut Varolgunes)
3:00 PM 210 Deady
Department Tea 3:30 PM 219 Fenton
Derived traces for Soergel categories (Eugene Gorsky, UC Davis)
4:00 PM 210 Deady
Wednesday, March 11
Number Theory:
Bi-ordinary modular forms (Carl Wang-Erickson, University of Pittsburgh)
3:00 PM 221 Friendly
Department Tea 3:30 PM 219 Fenton
Thursday, March 12
Functional Analysis:
A separable L^p operator algebra that’s not representable on l^p (Alonso Delfin, UO)
11:00 AM 206 Deady
Low Dimensional Topology:
No information
12:00 PM 210 Deady
Machine Learning:
No information
2:00 PM 210 Deady
Representations of p-adic groups:
An Induction Theorem for Groups acting on Trees (Martin Weissman, UC Santa Cruz)
2:00 PM 209 Deady
Student Teaching:
Setting and Enforcing Productive Course Policies (Marissa Masden, UO)
3:00 PM 206 Deady
Department Tea 3:30 PM 219 Fenton
Friday, March 13
Department Tea 3:30 PM 219 Fenton
Basic Notions:
No meeting this week
 4:00 PM 208 Deady