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Undergraduate Student Employment Opportunities


Paper Marker

The Department of Mathematics is always taking applications for graders/paper markers. Please fill out the student employment form and mail to Mary Brown.

**Filling out the form and turning it in is NOT a guarantee of employment.**  The more classes you have taken and scored well in the better your chances of being chosen.


  • C or better in any class you wish to grade.
  • Campus jobs must not add up to more than 25 hours per week (20 for international).
  • It is not necessary to be a math major but you must have taken any class you wish to grade.
  • A love of math is vital.

Documentation (US):

  • Passport OR
  • Driver’s License AND Social Security card

Documentation (International):

  • Passport
  • Visa
  • I-94
  • I-20
  • Social Security card OR a letter from the Social Security office that you have applied for your card.

Any questions or issues with documentation, contact Mary Brown (