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GE Office Guide

Please be sure to refer to the Instructor Policy Manual for more details about teaching for the Department of Mathematics.

Table of Contents

Math Department Office



Copiers and Workrooms

Classroom Scheduling

Registration Issues

Math Department Office:

The Mathematics Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 4:30.  On occasions that we deviate from the regular schedule, we will post a notice on the door and send an email announcement.  Please respect the office hours, including lunch breaks, by making sure to complete copy jobs and request staff assistance in a timely fashion.  For a list of staff, please visit the Staff Directory.

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GE mailboxes are located in Fenton Hall, just around the corner from the main office (room 202).  Check and empty your mailbox on a daily basis.  Materials in it may require immediate attention.  It is not a filing cabinet or storage space.

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All GEs are assigned office spaces.  Office assignments can change on an annual basis, but usually GEs are able to remain in the same spot for several years.

Each GE office is equipped with a campus phone and a computer.  You are required to check and respond to voicemails that come through. For instructions on voicemail, visit

See the Graduate Coordinator for your office assignment and key.

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Copiers and Workrooms:

Both University and Fenton Halls are equipped with Xerox copiers.  The Xerox copiers can be used for printing, copying, and scanning.  You will receive an access code from the Graduate Coordinator to use the machines.  If you have any problems with the equipment, please contact the Graduate Coordinator.

The Fenton copier is in the main office workroom and is available from 8:00 to 4:30, Monday through Friday.  Please keep the door to the workroom closed when you are using the copier as it is very loud.

The University copier is the first mezzanine hall, which is always locked.  There is keypad on the door and your personal key code will let you in.  Please keep the door to the University copier room closed so that only those with codes can get in.

There are also smaller printers located in Fenton and University for when you just need to print a few pages.  Both workrooms contain paper.  The Fenton workroom contains supplies you may use for your teaching responsibilities.  If there are supplies that are running low or that you cannot find, please ask a staff member.

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Classroom Scheduling:

To reserve a classroom for a review session or other class purpose make the reservation yourself using the Classroom Request Form or ask the Undergraduate Coordinator.  If you choose to ask the Undergraduate Coordinator, please remember to include your class CRN in the request.  If you use the online form, please include the Undergraduate Coordinator’s name as a contact person.

If you need to change your regularly scheduled classroom, please contact Mike Price.

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Registration Issues

Sometimes undergraduate students will come to you because they would like to register for your class but cannot.  Most of the time, your recourse, if you choose to let the student into your course, will require an override form from the Math Office. The fluorescent red forms are for prerequisite overrides; the yellow forms are for enrollment overrides.

The common reasons and remedies are:

  • Your course is full.  If your class if full but there is physical room in the classroom, you may allow students into the course by giving them enrollment overrides. However, if your course has a waitlist, you cannot give an enrollment override. Be SURE there is physical room before signing the yellow enrollment override form.
  • The student does not meet the course pre-requisites.  The student is expected to take the placement test if applicable. This applies to 101, 105-106, 111 & 112, 211, 231, 241, 243, 246, and 251. If the override is for a class other than these, you and the student should discuss why an exception should be made. If you believe the student can succeed in the course, you may use the fluorescent red form to give them a pre-requisite override. Math advisors can also sign these forms.
  • You have required instructor approval for the course. If you have instructor approval on your course, please email the Undergraduate Coordinator with your course CRN and the names and ID numbers of the students you wish to authorize.  Please note that to have instructor approval on your course, you must get permission from Mike Price or Dan Dugger.

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