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Graduate Courses 2020/2021


Descriptions of Advanced Seminar Courses

The class schedule is subject to change at any time. Such changes are not always reflected immediately on this page. Please check for the accurate, live schedule for the term.

All the other courses are described in the University of Oregon Catalog. To view graduate courses offered in previous years, please visit the Graduate Course History page.


FALL 2020 WINTER 2021 (tbd) SPRING 2021 (tbd)
510 Machine Learning Stats
L. Mazzucato (14:15 TR)
513 Intro to Analysis I
L. Fredrickson (12:30)
521M Fourier Analysis
J. Imamura (9:30)
531 Intro to Topology I
P. Hersh (9:30)
544 Intro to Algebra I
A. Kleshchev (14:00)
607 Dimer Models
B. Young (9:30)
607 Number Theory I
E. Eischen (12:30)
616 Real Analysis I
M. Bownik (8:00)
634 Algebraic Topology I
N. Addington (11:00)
647 Abstract Algebra I
A. Polishchuk (14:00)
681 Representation Theory
J. Brundan (14:00)
684 Harmonic Analysis
H. Lin (9:30)
690 Cobordism Theory
B. Botvinnik (12:30)

Fall Seminar

Ben Young (9:30) 607 Dimer Models


Ellen Eischen (12:30) 607 Number Theory

Winter Seminars

Spring Seminars

Other Math Course Descriptions

684/685/686 Advanced Analysis Series

These courses introduce students to the subject of abstract harmonic analysis, which is broadly defined as Fourier analysis on groups and unitary representation theory. We will start with basic facts in Banach algebra theory and spectral theory, followed by locally compact groups, Haar measure, and unitary representations. Then we will move to analysis on Abelian groups, compact groups, and induced representations, featuring the imprimitivity theorem and its applications. In the last part of the course we explore some further aspects of the representation theory of non-compact, non-Abelian groups. The primary textbook for the course is “Abstract Harmonic Analysis” by Folland.


Math Physics Courses (Fall)

James Imamura (9:30) BIO 610 Fourier Analysis